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Technology Used

Object Recognition

Behind our object understanding technology stands an AI powered expert system, to which we are feeding very detailed product ontologies and carefully built models from curated datasets.

Detailed Ontologies

Our team of researchers prepared detailed attribute ontologies for each enabled product category. Each product category has an ontology with more than 1.500 possible attributes. Our ontologies are very extensive, but it can be further modified with your custom attributes if needed.

Object Analysis

We reconstruct an object using “bottom-up” approach. We detect all possible object attributes in an image and then our AI powered experted system tries to reconstruct an actual object as a sum of attributes, taking into account many things including 2D and 3D object models that are part of our expert system.


Navigator architecture is scalable from thousands to billions of images and queries.


Even the most complicated search results are returned within 100 ms.


Navigator delivers accuracy more than 95% in object recognition and visual search.


Our services resides in a Tier III data centers, with built-in failover features, to ensure your service is always available.


Search widget is ready for all most popular technology platforms and possible end-user devices.

Simple Integration

You will be able to ingrate our solution into your eCommerce platform through our flawless API.